Isocyanate M200 Kumho Korea


   Characteristics of Product

  • COSMONATE M-200 is polymeric MDI, generally used in manufacturing hard and semi-hard polyurethane foam. COSMONATE M-200 is liquefied in normal temperature and easily handled and stored down to -20℃. It is solvent-free form with 2.7 average organic function and maximum of 220 cps (25℃) viscosity which is mixed with monomer MDI of 4,4-diphenyl methane diisocyante and its oligomer above dimer, trimer and tetramer.Product standards & general properties

   Product Standards

NCO content                            ASTM D 1638                 wt%                    30.0∼32.0

Viscoscity(25oC)                     ASTM D 1638                 cps                        150∼230

H.C content                              ASTM D 1638                 %                           Max.0.3

Acid Content                            ASTM D 1638                 %                           Max.0.1

Specific gravity (25℃)            ASTM D 1638                  -                         1.23∼1.25

   General Properties




Product Exterior


Brown Liquid

Boiling point


Freezing point

below -20

Evaporation pressure (25℃)


ignorable level

Ignition point


Molecular weight




   Product packaging

  • COSMONATE M-200 uses 250kg drum package or bulk supply.

   Safety and Hearth

  • Skin contact might cause rash or inflammation and eye contact might cause severe pain and excessive exposure might cause sight disorder. Also, if you inhaled MDI steam, it would cause bronchial asthma, headache, difficulty to breathing, and etc, and in case of taken, it will cause stimulation and inflammation of digestive organs. If contacted with skin, wash out with much water or soapy water. If contacted with eyes, wash out with much water or soapy
  • water for about 15 minutes and get medical examination. Also, if you inhaled MDI steam, move to the fresh area, keep warm stabilized, and practice artificial respiration when it's necessary. If swallowed, feed much water or milk, or raw egg and make them throw up, then get medical examination as soon as possible. It has very rare ignition danger, but watch out for fire hazard if digested, carbonic acid gas digestion is suitable. In case of conflagration, put out with water.

   Storage and Handling

  • COSMONATE M-200's proper keeping temperature is 5~35℃. Be extremely cautious so that water doesn't get mixed in storage instrument and seal the instrument with dry nitrogen gas. In case of working with MDI, wear the proper safety tools. If necessary, install ventilation equipment or wear gas mask. After work, be certain to wash with soapy water and clean the contaminated overalls before you wear it.

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